Hi, I am Nedim Slijepcevic.

I am an equine, bourbon, and nature photographer living in Richmond, Kentucky. I was 13 when I got my first camera in 1989 while visiting Czechoslovakia. It was a Russian made "Smena." I bought some film, took some shots, and tried to develop it at the photo store. The guy at the store told me that "there is something on the film," but it was not correctly exposed, and that my prints would be poor. Way to crush a kid's dream - I would have been fine with anything no matter how bad it looked. Soon the war-ravaged my country and lasted until 1995. I didn't have the time or desire for photography until 2002 when I acquired one of the first digital cameras and started experimenting with the photography again. 

I discovered equine photography when I first moved to Kentucky in 2006. Before that, I was never really involved with horses, and my main focus was landscape photography. After exploring Eastern Kentucky, I started visiting Lexington, a "horse capital of the world"more often and became interested in horse racing and equine in general. About ten years ago, I visited one of the large horse farms where I got to interact with horses. I realized how beautiful and intelligent horses are and recognized their ability to create strong bonds with humans. I started photographing them more often, and over the years, I often found myself organizing photo trips and workshops that revolve around the horses. Equine photography is now a dominant force that guides my creative aspirations. 

I photograph whenever an opportunity presents itself! I am always on alert for changing weather patterns, light and location to get that perfect shot. A recent snow storm is a perfect opportunity to photograph thoroughbreds running through the snow. Springtime brings out the songbirds and flowers. Summer morning fog transforms the Bluegrass into a play of light and shadows. Fall brings out the vibrant colors in the red spectrum. It is important to learn my locations and to try to get there at the right time to get the best shooting conditions.


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